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organdy n : a sheer stiff muslin [syn: organdie]

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organdy (plural organdies)
  1. A fine, transparent fabric made from cotton, and usually stiffened.

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Organdy or organdie is the sheerest cotton cloth made. Combed yarns contribute to its appearance. Its sheerness and crispness are the result of an acid finish on lawn greige goods. Because of its stiffness and fiber content, it is very prone to wrinkling. Organza is the filament yarn counterpart to organdy. Organdy is a balanced plain weave. It comes in 3 types of finishes, one is commonly used "Stiff" finish but "Semi stiff" and "Soft" finishes are also available. The latter two finishes are more popular for summerwear and drapey apparels whereas the first one is more popular for loose wear apparels and curtains / other home textiles.
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